Olivera Bucalović

Co-founder and Co-Editor-in-Chief

Olivera holds a B.A. in English and South Slavic Studies from the University of Toronto. She completed a minor in Art History for her undergraduate degree and is going on to study Contemporary Art History at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. She is particularly interested in contemporary Balkan art and its relationship to social and political systems.

Anna Maria Sordjan

Co-founder and Co-Editor-in-Chief

Anna Maria is a M.A. student at Ryerson in the Literatures of Modernity program. She holds an B.A in Comparative Literature and Critical Theory from the University of Toronto. Her primary area of interest is the literature of the former Yugoslavia, particularly the intersections of trauma, identity, language, feminism, and sexuality in diasporic literatures. She is currently a Managing Editor at the White Wall Review.

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